Er. Hirenkumar`s Career.
Er Hirenkumar Patel
Education :

Saurashtra University

Bachelor of Civil Engineer.

State Gujarat, India

Years : 1984 - 1987


N.M.Nootan Serva Vidyalay

Higher Secondary School, science, 1982 - 1984

Experience : As a iOS Developer I am a Engineering Mathematician turned programmer. I am Hands-on, result driven, and an expert in solving complex Mathematical, Scientific Analysis and recursive calculations in Objective-C. iOS Software Developer working with iOS 8 SDK, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, UIKit, Xcode 6, Interface Builder, Instruments, on a daily basis. Proficient with advanced iOS technologies including Core Data, Core Location, MapKit, Grand Central Dispatch, and Auto Layout. More than two years of proven success in Apps as a full-time independent developer. More than two years of experience focusing exclusively on native iOS development. Strong self learner with a desire to stay highly informed on best practices and latest developments to Appleā€™s iOS mobile platform. Continuously focused on providing an excellent user experience via clean, maintainable, preferment code.

Curriculum Vitae as an iOS Developer